About Us

Swan Harbor Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinarian hospital including a pharmacy, surgery suite with state-of-the-art technology, on-site digital x-ray, full laboratory, and a supervised recovery area. We now have an online pharmacy.

The state of the art, new facilities boasted by the pet care professionals at Swan Harbor Animal Hospital make veterinary procedures a breeze.
Utilizing high-tech equipment and a caring touch we make sure your pets are comfortable while we perform any necessary procedures. We understand that your pets are family members and friends. We work hard to ensure that you never have to put a price-tag on your friend's life. We offer extremely affordable rates and loving care.

Our Team

Dr Trina Ward

Medical Director

Dr Hooman Pooya

Orthopedic Surgery

Christina Spikloser

Hospital Manager, Veterinary Nurse


Certified Comfort Care Specialist, Hospital Cat

Sleeping Cat

Picture coming soon


Certified Hospital Cutie

Cute Dog

Picture coming soon