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Pet Emergency

If your pet has an Emergency and we are not in the office please call one of these following 24 Hour Emergency Hospitals.

Swan Harbor is NOT a 24 Hour Hospital 

Towson Pet ER  410-252-8387

Pet+E.R. Hunt Valley

The Pet ER location has been providing exceptional emergency veterinary care since 1986. Pet+E.R. was founded by local, Baltimore-area veterinarians to support patients with emergency and critical care situations. Originally called the Animal Emergency Center, they changed their name in 2003 and moved to a state-of-the-art facility to better serve the veterinary and pet-owning community.

Catonsville ER 410-788-7040

Catonsville ER

The Emergency Veterinary Clinic, Inc. is a 24-hour hospital located in Catonsville, Maryland.  The Emergency Veterinary Clinic (EVC) has provided emergency veterinary care in the Maryland area for almost 30 years.

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