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Take Your Dog to Work Day

This Friday, we commemorate National Take Your Dog to Work Day, a special occasion where we welcome our beloved furry companions to the workplace! At Swan Harbor Urgent Vet and Downtown Dog Resort, every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day. It's hardly a shock, isn't it?


To celebrate the special day, I gathered with some colleagues and we discussed our beloved pets.

Courtney also known as "CC" works at the Downtown Dog Resort and brings her 2 French Bulldogs 2-3 times a week for doggie daycare.

Syn is a one-year-old dog that I got from a breeder and a close friend in Iowa. I chose him on the first day his litter was born because he was the largest of the group, and once again, I couldn't resist falling in love with him. I observed him grow for 8 weeks before flying out to Iowa to bring him home. He was my first puppy to travel by plane, and despite my nervousness, everything went smoothly. He has truly been a wonderful addition to our family.

Lulu, who is now three years old, also came from a breeder, this time in Virginia. Before her, I had a French Bulldog named Tank, my beloved companion. Tank passed away due to old age five years ago, leaving me devastated. During a trip to Virginia with my husband for a race, I realized that I was close to the place where I got Tank years ago. After a quick online search, I found Lulu's breeder and discovered that she was Tank's niece from an upcoming litter. I knew I had to bring her home with me.

I bring my dogs to work 2 to 3 times a week, which I believe has a significant impact. Not only do I enjoy spending more time with them, but it also allows them to socialize with other dogs, which is essential due to their high energy levels. When they return home, they are exhausted, providing me with the perfect opportunity for us to relax and nap together.

My favorite activity with my dogs is spending quality time together, whether it's exploring new places or simply lounging on the couch. I cherish every moment with them because their time with us is limited, and I want to make the most of it.


Christina is employed at Swan Harbor Pet Urgent Care and regularly brings her dog Riptide, a 1-year-old Black Lab Great Dane Mix, to her office. Riptide enjoys doggie daycare in the mornings and then accompanies Christina to her office during the afternoons. Riptide was initially put up for adoption at Downtown Dog Resort by a family who could not take him along when they moved. We decided to adopt him with the goal of training him to become a Service Dog.

Riptide is currently undergoing training to become a Diabetes Alert Dog. Daycare helps him expend his high levels of energy so that he can concentrate on his training.

Recently, my daughter and I accompanied Rip to a pet store to select some new chew toys. Rip was thrilled to discover the array of enjoyable toys, causing him to become overwhelmed and start jumping up and down on his hind legs. He chose two large squeaky toys and a new dog bed for the back porch. Witnessing Riptide's development and acquisition of new skills is truly gratifying.

Jen is employed at The Downtown Dog Resort and frequently takes her dogs Rhyett (2) and Nico (12) to daycare with her. Rhyett was adopted from an "Oopsie" litter her pet parents still come to the Resort, while Nico was rescued from the SPCA.

Both dogs thoroughly enjoy their time at daycare, where they can expend their energy and return home exhausted, which is a major benefit. At home, Rhyett and Nico relish snuggling with their mom and receiving plenty of puppy kisses.

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